Investing in people


The convenience of amenities around the workplace is not something all workers have. Chances are if you work in a plant, you would be located in an industrial area with no banks, post office or shops, plus you would be working in shifts which means going to where café’s are located is restricted to when you are on a shift that coincides with standard business opening times.

So what do employees do when they need to get lunch or run other errands? They either go to where shops are located, come with their own food, hold off on running errands during their shift or take time off to get things done.

So what can employers do in situations like this, to help ease the pressure of restricting all personal tasks being done by having to drive, find somewhere to park, get seen/served and get back to work all within their lunch break? Well they can listen and take action.

For instance, employees in a plant complained about the time it takes to get to their cars in the parking lot, travel to a lunch spot, and return within their lunch hour. This was an issue faced by many people at the plant, so a group of long time workers were asked to offer solutions in consultation with other employees.

The result was the creation of two outside and one inside lunch area, and for mobile vendors to park outside the doors during all three shifts to purchase food and drinks.

There are other examples of employers and employees collaborating to come up with solutions to make the work environment more pleasant, particularly as most employees are usually excited to be asked for solutions as they take pride in their accomplishments and it adds to the benefits of working for these type of open organisations.

Other accomplishments by workers along with lunch areas and mobile vendors include, the introduction of a day care for all shifts, the conversion of a break room to a company wide exercise facility with showers, which promotes better fitness levels for all and reduces the intake of fat burners as a means to reduce fat that accumulate in the body.

There is also a mentoring program run by employees with over 10 years experience for new company team members and there is a voluntary skill sharing education program, where free computer training to employees and family members on site are given. This allows workers to learn skills to perform jobs that can be done online and program has been added where employees can perform data entry jobs and earn a computer of their own.

This all leads to a happier work environment, increased productivity and a sense of belonging. These additional benefits become more alluring than cash and employers realise that by listening and taking action employees are more productive and are less lively to leave, which lowers staff turnover.

Get to know the people you strive to lead. Find out what is important in their lives. Relationships and recognition will always be the foundation of motivation. Invest your time and effort to learn more from those around you. This is where you will find your best return.
Invest in employees