Push Yourself!

In my previous posts, I talked about human traits, investing in people, and investing all you can into your place of employment.  This post is somewhat related to all three of those topics.  I wanted to write about a concept that I’m truly passion about.  This is something that I have consistently excelled at my entire life, and at the same time, have consistently failed at my entire life.  I’m referring to the concept of pushing yourself to the fullest extent.

In life, from a very early age, we’re taught to “try our best.”  “All you can do is try your best.”  “As long as you try your best, you have nothing to be ashamed of.”  “Just do your best and you’ll be alright!”  Have you ever heard those phrases before?  Maybe several times throughout your life?  Maybe twice per day from teachers, coaches, parents, close friends, or colleagues?

In my opinion, I think the concept of just “doing your best” is good when talking to a young child.  As we get older, however, I think we should really analyze what our “best” really is.  It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight, get into a good college, score a promotion, impress a hot date, or grow bigger biceps;  we should all be striving to become better.

Push Yourself Pic 1

I think that there are certain time periods and certain activities where we can say that we gave a reasonable, best effort, or even our absolute best effort.  I’m definitely not questioning that.  We, however, as a society should really strive to push the boundaries of what our “best” really is.  I think many of us, myself included, think we’re doing our best, when in reality we could have achieved so much more.  Many times we think we did our best, but in reality, we actually settled for mediocrity.

I truly believe that we should all create more of an effort to self-analyze what we could have done better in every aspect of our lives.  We need to constantly push ourselves and when we think we did our best, we should fabricate ways to take our “best” to the next level.

Push Yourself Pic 2

What do you think?  Is there a part of you that thinks you’re already the best?  Is there a part of you that sometimes wants to say you did your best in order to justify any areas where you could have performed better?  Regardless of how you feel, I know that I could always become better.  I know that I could always push myself.  Can you push yourself?